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Next Isssue Canada– Making life simple!



I am sure you have seen the commercial this past holiday season for Next Issue Canada?   I know that I have seen it many times and finally decide to check it out .  I love to read magazine but with 5 kids it’s not something i get a chance to do as often as like! I also hate having magazine clutter, as I wanna keep them around for that recipe i wanna try or that DIY I am wanting to try!

Next Issue

Next Issue

I love the idea that now my magazine are all sitting on my tablet as oppressed to in a pile on coffee table or bathroom shelf. It’s nice to have all my fave magazines in one place!

Next issue Canada is giving Canadians a chance to try this out, you can get a 30 day  trail. After 30 days Unlimited Basic is $9.99 a month  and Unlimited  premium is $14.99. You do require a credit card to sign up,  you will be charged after the trail ends. So don’t forget to go cancel if you’re not planning to keep it. I love the idea that for $15 bucks I have access to over 120 magazines!


Gift Guidesget fit Next IssueVisit Next Issue Canada to sign up, then go download the app. Grab a cup tea or coffee, warm blanket & relax this weekend reading your favourite magazines!

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2 thoughts on “Next Isssue Canada– Making life simple!

  1. Paul B. Taubman, II

    Funny how I am on top of the tech game, yet I do not have any magazine subscriptions electronically. I get a few magazines delivered in the mail, and they are all physical.

    I should try reading one on my tablet.


    1. Audrey Post author

      I love that I can take tablet with me, and read when at kids swimming, or other sport or just take to coffee shop & relax

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